April 01, 2017

Forget those outdated notions about "body shapes" and what looks better in an apple or in a pear! The perfect swimsuits for you are just the one that you feel best in. Check out our top 7 list of sexy bikini or one-piece that will make you feel like the beach goddess you truly are.


TOP 7 - ' Walk the Glam Swimsuit '

walk the glam swimsuit monokini bikini sparkles diamonds rhinestone swimsuit swimwear awesome world

This one-piece swimsuit comes with hundreds of rhinestones. Shine like a diamond and grab the attention in any pool party this Summer! You can buy it HERE

TOP 6 - ' Gold - Silver Bikini '

silver gold swimwear bikini swimsuit beachwear fashion trendy summer 2017 by awesome world


Comes in Silver and Gold color. Perfect for those who love beach sports and some workout during holidays. You can buy it HERE


TOP 5 - ' Sequins Glam Body Bikini '

Sequins Glam Body Bikini by Awesome World fashion trendy swimwear swimsuit beachwear 2017 summer pool beach holidays vacations


Features with a pink top and two big rhinestones at the middle, with falling chains over the top. The sequins bottoms will add mermaid style to your outfit! You can buy it HERE

(also available with rhinestone bottom HERE)


TOP 4 - ' Glam Sequins Peacock Bikini '

Glam Sequins Peacock Bikini by Awesome World swimwear glitter beachwear fashion trendy sexy summer 2017


Adjustable bottom. Full sequined in glamourous royal green color can be used for any occasion.  You can purchase it HERE


TOP 3 - ' Sequined Glam Bikini ' 

Sequined Glam Bikini swimwear beachwear swimsuit glitter rhinestone fashion trendy summer 2017 by awesome world


If you are a glamourous type of girl, this bikini is for you. With rainbow sequins fabric over the top and bottom & embellished with rhinestone straps. You must admit that this swimwear deserves to be in our Top 3 for this Summer. You can buy it HERE


TOP 2 - ' 2 in 1 Glam Bodysuit & Swimsuit ' 

Buy 2 in 1: Glam Bodysuit & Swimsuit rhinestone sky blue cyan fashion trendy summer 2017 monokini bikini swimwear beachwear by Awesome World


This piece is in our Top 2 not just because it's gorgeous but it can be also used as a bodysuit! With an open back, V-neck and with huge rhinestone over the top. This coral blue water color is definitely the trend for Summer 2017. You can buy it HERE


TOP 1 - ' Sequins Bikini - 3 Colors '

Sequin Bikini - 3 Colors Awesome World fashion summer 2017 trend adjustable sparkle glitter


Available in Gold, Silver and Red colors. Covered with sparkle glitter fabric. With adjustable bottom ("Brazilian style") this definitely deserves Top 1 for this Summer. Affordable price, trendy look and free shipping worldwide. You can buy it HERE

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